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The Existence Value of Molybdenum Plate in the Molybdenum Product Industry


Molybdenum is a rare metal element, and molybdenum plate is widely used because of its many characteristics, such as high strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, excellent heat conduction and conductivity, high corrosion resistance to molten glass, molten salt and molten metal, and improved wear resistance of thin coatings. Below, the editor will introduce the characteristics of molybdenum plates to everyone.

The continuous development of molybdenum plate in the industry is inseparable from its own advantages. Molybdenum plate has good corrosion resistance, and the surface of the molybdenum plate is easy to naturally produce a dense and firm protective film, which can effectively protect the substrate from corrosion. By artificial anodizing and coloring, cast aluminum alloys with good casting performance or deformed aluminum alloys with good processing plasticity can be obtained. Molybdenum plates have high strength, and after a certain degree of cold processing, the matrix strength can be strengthened. Some grades of molybdenum plates can also be strengthened through heat treatment.

In addition, it also has advantages such as good conductivity, low density, and easy processing.


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